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Blog Assignment #4

9 May

The creation of the iPad and Kindle reader have changed the way we read books, newspapers, and magazines forever. With your focus being on the screen, you no longer have to carry a bunch of books with you, nor do you have to worry about returning them to the library or keeping them in good condition. With just a few touches of the screen, you can have access to a world of any type of literature you choose and can read dozens of books by just scrolling up and down on your device. 20 or 30 years ago, this concept would have been deemed as absurd to many and yet today it is a reality that we are living. Part of that reality is with authors and publishers, now needing to think about how to involve the utilization of the screens in their publications.

I do believe however that traditional reading is something that will not be lost regardless of what is done to publications on screens. Yes, reading a book on a Kindle or Ipad is different then flipping through the pages of a physical book however, once the reader is fully engaged into reading the story, what platform the story is in becomes a bit irrelevant. History has proven that people will read no matter what other technology is at hand. When the film was invented, it was believed that at some point down the line, it would lead to the extinction of physical books and readings. It was also believed that newspapers were at some point going to become non-existent when the development of the radio and then the television began. None of the above proved to be true and although the radio, film, and television industries have all become multi-million dollar industries, none have replaced the selling of books, or the purchasing of newspapers.

The Internet is the next technology that many people believe will bring an end to the newspaper and book publishing industries, and statistics have proven that the internet is the cause of a steady decline in both. However, because new technologies are developing much faster than humans are aging, I don’t feel that books will be completely replaced by the Internet either.


Infoaesthetic Display

14 Feb

Infoaesthetic Display

Still figuring out some perks but this was the infoaesthetic display we had to get done for this weeks class. I used which is a very unique online, data visualization assistance site.