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My Intro, or something like it

30 Jan

Welcome to my Blog. I’m hoping to graduate from NJIT this upcoming August with my BA in Marketing. 19 credits now and 4 in the summer certainly wont be easy though. Then again, nothing will bring more joy into my life than graduating because its been a much longer road than I’ve expected. I swear college is too much of a business. Anyway, I’m a very social person although 95% of the time that I am at school, I’m alone. I love sports, particularly basketball, football, and baseball and I love music, which probably would’ve been easier to guess if I just would’ve opened this blog by saying that I’m in a band. Check us out at www.reverbnation.com/xcstacy ..I promise it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before but you’ll enjoy it.

I think I can get used to blogging although its nothing I’ve ever consistently done before. Hopefully this is the beginning of something fun.